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Joan M. Swartz
Managing Attorney

Joan M. Swartz

Attorney Joan M. Swartz has been providing her clients with thoughtful and strategic legal counsel since 1987. She opened her own firm, The Law Offices of Joan M. Swartz, in 2000, where she now focuses her practice on matters relating to employment law and sexual harassment claims. Joan proudly serves clients throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, including St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Missouri, as well as St. Clair County, Illinois.

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Past Results

Vacca v. Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Disability Discrimination
Tried to a jury disability discrimination case in 2022, $1.36 million verdict
St. Louis City Circuit Court


- $600,000 - sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the workplace

- 480,000 home invasion and threatened assault by grocery delivery service worker

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Workplace harassment or discrimination of any kind should never be tolerated. If an employer or coworker violated your rights, you deserve the chance to hold them responsible for their actions. However, doing so is often easier said than done. That's where a great attorney comes in.

At The Law Offices of Joan M. Swartz, we know how intimidating it can be to stand up against an employer. When you hire us to represent you in a case of employment law or workplace discrimination, we'll act as your fearless advocates and fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

Whether you were sexually harassed, unlawfully discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated, our team is prepared to help you file a claim. We're committed to being by your side as you navigate the necessary steps of the legal process and addressing any concerns you may have along the way.

You have a right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. When you no longer do, reach out to us. Our team represents clients in St. Louis, Missouri, and its surrounding areas of St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Our attorneys are also licensed to practice in Illinois and frequently serve clients in St. Clair County.